Thinking of changing your accountant?

1. Pricing/Service
Are you getting value for money on a timely basis?

2. Flexibility
Do you have to take time out to meet your professional advisor?

3. Experience
Does your accountant have all the experience necessary to meet your challenges in business


Annual Account Preparation

Compiling business records for the production of financial statements in accordance with professional/legal and taxation requirements


Recording and maintenance of registers to assist with ongoing valuation and decision making process for possible replacement and/or economic worth

Budgets & Projections

Preparing budgets for financial planning both for management control and financial institutions

Cashflow Forecasting/Management

Production of reports to ascertain the liquidity requirements of a business

Financial Reporting, Systems & Controls

Production of financial statements to comply with the requirements of Accounting Standards and Companies Acts

Management Accounts

Extraction of key financial data from business records to assist management with decision making on a timely basis